Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Gold Dust Glory Cloud at Bethel Church Redding

Signs that make you wonder ? "God enjoys you running to a corner and taking pictures of his glory cloud ?" I wonder if Bethel's janitor grows tired of sweeping up his glitter?

One must ask themselves as the Redding Fire Department does fire inspections do they not examine the air conditioning system rooms and chase ways ? Are they as well part of the money making charade called Bethel church, school and supernatural ministry as well? Biblically defined, are signs and wonders not for believers but non believers ? Did not see any bird feathers or glitter up there Redding Fire Investigators?

The sad part is Redding mayor Julie Winter is a Bethel church board member and believer in these manifestations of gold dust magically appearing as well as feathers falling from the ceiling that senior pastor Bill Johnson justifies with the bible passage that "God will cover you with his wings."

Apparently God is molting...

Please dont be fooled by Bethel fake healing and miracles - glory clouds, gold dust, feathers and leg lengthening tricks !

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